New Continental GT Convertible
[DE] New Continental GT Convertible
Neue Continental GT Convertible - NEFZ-Fahrzyklus – Kraftstoffverbrauch in l/100 km: Stadt 17.5; Land 9.5; Kombiniert 12.4; CO2-Ausstoß (kombiniert) 284 g/km

New Continental GT Convertible

The new Continental GT: This is a car that redefines what a grand tourer can be. Unrivalled in its class, it combines the striking design, phenomenal power and unrivalled craftsmanship for which Bentley is famous. It is the future of grand touring.


Classic grand tourer proportions are fused with a superformed aluminium bodyshell and a completely new chassis and electrical architecture. The result is a revolutionary car with recognisable Bentley hallmarks including the ‘power line’, which emerges confidently from between the headlamps, running down the side of the car to the rear haunch, evoking a sense of both speed and strength.

Optional 22" wheels with a sculptural twisted form provide the perfect finishing touch to the breath-taking exterior.

This is a stunning example of automotive design – one that can be enhanced with a wealth of options, including a choice of innovative Dual Veneers, to personalise your car.

A truly thrilling drive

The new Continental GT has been engineered to deliver an unrivalled driving experience, providing effortless comfort or utter exhilaration as the occasion demands. Its 6.0 litre, W12 engine propels it from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds (0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds) and on to a top speed of 207 mph (333 km/h).

Under normal conditions, it operates as a rear wheel drive car. But any loss of traction triggers the Active All Wheel Drive system, with the immediate engagement of the two front wheels providing additional grip, the moment it is required.

With an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that delivers impressively smooth acceleration, a 48 V Active Roll Control system that optimises handling and electric steering that improves feedback to the driver, this is a car that demands to be driven.

Innovative technology

Representing the latest in Bentley’s forward-looking approach to technology, a wealth of intuitive assistive systems enhance the experience of driving the new Continental GT. From Adaptive Cruise Control to the stunning Bentley Rotating Display, you decide how to view the wealth of information available, and how to tailor a unique driving experience so that everything is exactly as you wish it to be.

Own something unique

With an enormous range of options to choose from, it is unlikely you will ever see another new Continental GT quite like yours. From the veneers and hides to a suite of technological options, the potential to tailor the car to your tastes is virtually endless.

To explore the myriad of possibilities, create your own Continental GT with our configurator – or come in and talk to us in person at Bentley Berlin.

To learn more or to arrange a test drive, please contact us online or call us directly on +49 (0)30 8866 7888 0.

Technische Fahrzeugdaten

  • Motor
    6.0 litre twin-turbocharged W12
  • Getriebe
    8-speed Dual Clutch
  • Stärke
    635 PS / 626 bhp / 467 kW @ 6000 rpm
  • Drehmoment
    900 Nm, 664 lb.ft @ 1350-4500 rpm
  • Emissionsklasse
    EU 6
  • Kraftstoff
    98 (95) RON
  • Höchstgeschwindigkeit
    207 mph / 333 km/h
  • Beschleunigung Meilen/Stunde (mph)
    0 - 60 mph 3.7 seconds
  • Beschleunigung Kilometer/Stunde (km/h)
    0 - 100 km/h 3.8 seconds
  • Karosserieform
  • Gesamtlänge
    4850mm / 190.94in
  • Breite (über Außenspiegel)
    2187mm / 86.1in
  • Breite (mit eingeklappten Außenspiegeln)
    1964mm / 77.32in
  • Höhe
    1399mm / 55.08in
  • Radstand
    2849mm / 112.17in
  • Front Track
    1672mm / 65.51in
  • Rear Track
    1664mm / 65.51in
  • Stadt
    17.5 litres /100 km
  • Land
    9.5 litres /100 km
  • Kombiniert
    12.4 litres /100 km
  • CO2-Ausstoß (kombiniert)
    284 g/km
  • Effizienzklasse
    Effizienzklasse F
  • Langsam
    23.9 litres/100 km
  • Mittel
    15.5 litres/100 km
  • Schnell
    12.8 litres/100 km
  • Sehr schnell
    12.7 litres/100 km
  • Kombiniert
    14.8 litres/100 km
  • CO2-Emissionen (kombiniert)
    336 g/km
  • Reichweite
    608 km